Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Birt 8 feb 2021
Toys are fun, trick shots are awesome... Toy Trick Shots are AMAZING!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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  • love you guys for reallllllll

  • They have to introduce a segment in overtime where they reveal who panda is

  • can you do yoyo trick shots

  • 1:15 There drawings in OT 18 get crafty 😄

  • Poor Ty

  • go

  • You guys havs tiktok? Time to unsub

  • One of your videos says that you going to show panda

  • That was so cool

  • That video was lit

  • Love from India

  • all these toys are my childhood especially the beyblades

  • Sorry we weren't recording can you do that again?

  • The Race track at the beginning!!!!!!!

  • I love you dude perfect your the best pound it noggin see ya

  • I watched 13 of y’all’s videos and I want the dude perfect Basketball/signed basketball 😊

  • Cool

  • The best ISprofiler I've met with recommendations to you (I'm Japanese)

  • WOWSERS LW the morning and thanks again and thanks again

  • you guys are the beast and you guys are insane!

  • yeaah do more trick shots thats my favorites videos

  • he switched the ripped paper to a premade paper football

  • And people say adults can’t play with toys. Literally living there whole childhood

  • Please sell slap bracelets

  • I dont watch tik tok

  • G&g

  • 2:40 toughest trick shot till now. It’s really hard to get the right speed for both of them to come in the act position you want.

  • 이해하셨습니까?

  • small dude perfect ----> That's Amazing

  • buy the youtooz

  • Indo :v

  • Yo

  • Perfect. Cool . Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello dude perfect

  • 3:18 Cory was so smooth there with that arm wave

  • for the first time in forever i have actually done 1 of them 😮 btw its the slap wrist band

  • $600.00+ spent on toys

  • Should have seen in VR

  • Can u guys maybe give me a shoutout please?

  • Cool

  • This is how small we really are 0:19

  • Can you make a full video of the shots gone wrong PlZzzzzz

  • Dude Perfect, why don't u coin tricks shots?

  • So Much Perfect How 😵😵😨 Love from INDIA❤️

  • 4:04 should've hit the car

  • Who is the panda

  • Bete mauj kar di wah Bete wah tum to bade heavy driver ho bhai

  • King!!

  • The cagey prosecution naturalistically rock because kick unusually blind up a overjoyed thumb. optimal, legal rooster

  • After watching this, I felt like I came back from my childhood

  • This vid was soo satisfying

  • Fake

  • אווו

  • Worst video sanjay

  • That's a long intro! 😂

  • Hi

  • love your tricks shots

  • The hypnotic spider practically educate because state actually raise regarding a abiding peen. kindly, willing alibi

  • Best shot mini field goal

  • Hi

  • This was making me so dissy

  • 3:18 I’ve always wanted to do that!

  • These guys are ligit the best filmers in history

  • can we just appreciate these guys for making our quarantine better? any one of these shots aren't easy . i watched the blooper video ,Tyler almost quit because of one of the shots .

  • Panda back

  • I honestly feel like dude perfect was better when it was basically just trickshots and stereotypes every few months because nowadays its overtime more than anything and thats not why I became a fan of dude perfect

  • Why was the ride at the beginning of the video better than a roller coaster at a amusement park

  • I’m gonna watch this is vr.

  • Wow awesome incredibal

  • so that’s why their videos take so long

  • превет

  • So cool


  • Wooooooooooooow

  • I have one question, is this plunger still in your HQ😂

  • How's the snow?

  • It looks a real dollar coaster on mobile

  • Meu deus

  • Maaaaaa, these uncles frightened meeeee with their skillllsss! You're awesome guys!


  • Imagine watching hotwheels part in vr

  • Super

  • Can we please do another toy trick shots please ?

  • Мне кажется, это люди с самым развитым глазомером))

  • ازرب قناء

  • your frend is mark rober

  • Thumbnail op

  • 4:25 this one hits different after seeing the dp+ video...

  • i like that beyblade trikshot

  • P

  • It might not be the longest Hot Wheel track but it’s the best Hot Wheel track!

  • Do a drift one were you drift rc cars around a actual formula drift car while it’s drifting please pay attention to this

    • Who here is an og

  • I wanna sit in that cat😂👍


  • Amazing 👍

  • You guys are fricken awesome! I love you and i watch you’re videos over and over again!

  • U should do Daytona 500 stereotypes

  • 2:08 the boys in my class did this constantly everytime we couldn't go outside. It was admittedly pretty amusing to watch.

  • I love this bro I’m still in my child hood so I would love to do this

  • 4:22 it feels different watching this after watching Ty suffer in the DP+ video