Swimming Pool Stereotypes

Birt 17 ágú 2020
Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the pool stereotypes
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  • Temperature sensetive timmy 😂😂😂

  • Larry nice name for a lama

  • Dude perfect: LETS JUST RAGE Me: why not this stereotype be friendly Dang Matt smith: you gotta get that outta here Me: JUST ROLL THE DICE

  • U guys look like flaming hot cheetos

  • Cody: I just Don’t wanna get my hair wet Also Cody: DUNKS HIS WHOLE BODY UNDERWATER EVEN HAIR

  • The fact that ty really told a NFL QB how to throw?

  • I love how the rage monster is in every stereo type and he doesn’t change one bit lol

  • I honestly said to myself: that dude looks like dak Prescott

  • sup

  • im definitely the overdramatic water gun fight

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  • The rage monster is my favorite; anyone else?

  • I love you Tyler

  • When I first saw this video I said in my head “I wonder what the rage monster is going to do” and turns out he evolved into a Godzilla!

  • 1:56 “AAAHHHH das hot.” -Will Smith

  • You should see the behind the scenes footage of the Prescott clip

  • 3:24 I literally did that I jumped in my grandmas pool with my phone in my pocket

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  • 6:53 ty is going to throw the lighter fluid down but then he remembered to close it

  • If you’re reading this Jesus loves you

  • 5:10 "Who forgot to dry their hands off" more like who dumped the pool in

  • Party stereotypes PLZ

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  • Do a hot wheels trickshots video

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  • The fact that this video was made almost a year ago😳

  • Get a bag of rice……

  • BRuh. bullets cannot go through water. well, a little bit.

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  • I’m the one who will not jump off until my mom watches😼🫂

  • i like the range monster part in every stereotypes who likes that

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  • I am the SPF 2000 guy

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  • 7:55 the over realistic river

  • no one literally no one . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . literally every minute in tangeld : 7:00

  • “That was descent” -The rage monster

  • do fourth of July stereotypes

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  • y u teaching kids this I mean why should kids need to know to put a pin yada on a barbecue and squirt glue on the barbecue

  • True

  • Can we take a moment of respect that they all sat in the sun for hours just to get a tan for the vid.

  • I love how ty rage every video

  • His friends are really patient with Ty when he rages

  • I wonder if those sunburns were real…

  • Notice how timmy has same cross necklace in metal detector battle 2

  • :(

  • Jesus loves you and proved it on the cross

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  • 0:35 we me and the boys see the last pizza slice Note: I'm on my sister account

  • Six more weeks of this and I’ll be up for zillion

  • @2:38 & @3:05 r me🤣🤣

  • Me who doesn’t get sunburnt without sun cream: 🤫

  • we can never miss out the rage monster

  • 3:54 hahahahhaa

  • Ty got a mean closeline

  • Yaaaaaas

  • Do more please!!!

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  • 1:44 Cody takes a weird look at gar

  • Stereotypes idea: Biking

  • Wow they kept swimming even with glass in the pool for the rage monster clip

  • *the rage monster is getting to powerful*

  • It really hurt to watch the wet food

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  • Everyone looking at there tans garret just chilling with his phone😂😂😂😂😊

  • 0:01 my question is how come his body is red and his arms are normal? was he shirtless and wearing sleeves?

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  • Jesus loves yall