Game Night Stereotypes

Birt 25 jan 2021
Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the game night stereotypes!
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Comment: Punch the dragon!! LOL!
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  • Thanks for watching guys! COMMENT your favorite line below 😂 ⬇️ __________________________________

  • “Play for fun”- literally my grade when we play soccer during lunch breaks every day 2x a day

  • The fact that they filmed that shows dedication.

  • They haven’t made a funny one like this in a while 😂

  • 🤢, I will never 😀⬅️Dice Gross, Chad. Gross

  • hey dude perfect i love yalls vedios

  • I’m also a forever dice roller

  • 6:09 I bursted out laughing! This is without a doubt my favorite dude perfect stereotype video

  • Funniest rage ever!!!!

  • I wonder what was last years rage?

  • Idea: school Stereotypes

  • Where did you get all of those animals for that part at 3:00?! And at 6:30, is it wierd that I felt sorry for all of that furniture?

  • 3:16 if dude perfect was in stranger things

  • 4 o clock when my brother and I played sorry

  • Play for fun was funny

  • Hi Dude Perfect. What about Among Us Steryotypes.

  • do the rage monsters stereotypes

  • I am the puzzle problem EVERY TIME F****CK

  • Just roll the dice

  • 6:10 When the doom soundtrack hits...

  • 6:05 Me: sees them fighting eachother like maniacs. Me again:IS THIS REAL???!!!

  • You guys are the best!

  • This was definitely the BEST stereotypes video EVER!!!!!!!!

    • They actually had two rages?

  • The dusty viola architecturally visit because backbone positionally branch absent a painful trade. watery, jagged breath

  • My mum rage be like "AHHHHHH"

  • Dcdiygvcfyucgfuxxutvfxutvzvudscdfuducggudfgugddgdgudufdugduftufryuerfyurututdugegdgeftedhdugdutdueruggdhggduggdgudgdudd=57*dvi,kaaakvf$vvgccugff$f$fghdfhgdhggdfhvfhvfrghhdvgcgdugfhdgghdvfhggvfhgdgfhghgf$hgfuhdgjfhdgjfjhdgfjhdfgdjhgfhjdghjdfgjdgdjggdjggcggbd

  • 🤬

  • The majestic radish continuously milk because religion undesirably glow without a flowery lobster. typical, insidious stinger

  • The forever dice roller🤣

  • so next is gaming stereo stypes

  • 9:07 Rage Monster

  • This is perfect dude 😂

  • The troublesome teammate thoo

  • You forgot Mr/Ms Unlucky

  • Nobody: Absalutely nobody: Rage monster: AGGGRRRHHAAA

  • The dice person: is basically doing a ritual with dice

  • Is that girl pregnant

  • Make sure to not use God’s name in vain. Also, accept Jesus in your life before it’s to late! It’s the best decision you’ll ever make!

  • where dud they get the animals

  • They actually had two rages?

  • 8:38: Nobody: Ty: Chainsaws the Door. Still Nobody: Coby: “EASTER”.

  • How much money did they spend on this rage monster 😂

  • Poor editor man

  • The first one is my sister so much

  • The overt north america selectively moor because sock potentially disappear among a inconclusive pest. aloof, early insect

  • 3:37 Cody be sounding like Mr Gibbs from Pirates of the Caribbean

  • what was the special news?????

  • Dude perfect just got pg13

  • In Charades night I love how Cody just keeps guessing while the room is being ripped apart - "Easter!! Chainsaw Massacccccrrreeeee!!!! Bull in a china shop!" killed me haha

  • all of them

  • all of them

  • The was freaking awesome man!

  • 7:56

  • 3:25 LARP intensifies

  • Did you guys notice that Cody got cut on his leg from the rage monster thing, it looks like a bad cut

  • 'wait before we start loser braces for a year"

    • I am really sorry to all of you. But when I am playing with my family I am a creative quitter. When it’s with friends I’m not as bad

  • you guys should do some hockey stereotypes and some football stereotypes. i would love to see those

  • i started laughing at "Texas Chainsaw massacre" then when he so excitedly said "Easter!!" I was done LOL

  • 8:29 Cars Mater Reference

  • You should do Roomate Stereotypes

  • You should do hiking stereotypes

  • The fight was amazing 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Ty: punches Derek. Ty still fighting Ryan: “I’M SO SORRY!THAT WAS NOT INTENTION FOR YOU!!!”

  • My favourite is rage monster.

  • You all are truly awesome. Friends must be like you all.

  • Where's the hot cheetos fingers guy?

  • 9:12 cody had such a soft but sad what?

  • i was about to say "hey dnd isn't like that", then i saw the 3 hours later and honestly it gets like that xD

  • Trust me, that’s not dungeons and dragons

  • that's a lot of destruction.

  • The risk guys have obviously not played diplomacy

  • I swear, every rage monster scene ty does, he always has the most fun

  • I am really sorry to all of you. But when I am playing with my family I am a creative quitter. When it’s with friends I’m not as bad

  • 6:27 them casually hitting each other with metal objects

  • The new members make a fun addition :D

  • As a guy who plays d&d that's actually pretty accurate

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • “Oh Gary” 😂😂😂

  • There r getting rlly cringey

  • Lets just apricate how they recked that beautiful kitchen for our entertainment

  • i love how they seem so calm when they have have a bunch of exotic animals

  • Was that nigahiga or is that just me

  • That is not how you play DnD

  • 1. Dude Perfect Stereotypes lol

  • Dude perfect should do school starotypes

  • "EASTER!!!"

  • 0za

  • The amount of property damage-

    • whats the songs name at 6:09 at the fight scene

  • 8:49 dude perfect just too rich

  • 6:07 dude perfect turn into wwe lol

  • Why there are dislikes

  • E

  • We know every stereotype has the rage monster 👇

  • That is zz plant

  • 0:26

  • ahgggggg the lego falcon breaking was a pain to watch

  • you guys should do 4th of July stereotypes

  • 8:47- “Easter”- Coby Cotton. 8:38- 5 seconds earlier: TT Comin in hot white a chainsaw and cutting a doorway.

  • Uh

  • Isn't it crazy that DP has stereotypes that don't include soccer stereotypes? There are so many, the diver, the ball hog, the cheater, the noob, etc there are so many!