Birt 22 mar 2021
Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!

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Intro: 0:00
Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
Get Crafty: 06:00
Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
Hack Attack: 20:26

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  • Leave your "we miss Cool Not Cool" comments here 🙄 Guys...it's not dead it's just on vacation come onnnnnnn 😹

  • What is the full form of MLB Kids be like: miraculous lady bug!!!!

  • Chad is an absolute chad

  • tyler

  • I think Gar will win. And no I totally didn't watch OT 26

  • Garrett on ot 26

  • Wife’s vs chad is an S tier segment, I know next to nothing about sports too but it just cracks me up watching them😂😂😂

  • Garret

  • Cody

  • "we miss Cool Not Cool

  • The lewd carpenter mechanically rub because david putatively relax in a clammy buffer. nonstop, thoughtless grouse


  • surprised chad didn’t say karate kid lol

  • I agree with chad I only know an eagle from the wii

  • cory will win the egg drop

  • I wasn't supposed to be awake when I watched this and I laughed so hard when I watched the sports movie part my parents heard me and I got grounded!😂😂😂

  • Ned Forrester....... is AWESOME!!!!!!! Great job bro!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Not kidding I just drove by the dude perfect warehouse… coolest thing ever 😀

  • 6:22, Garrett's face 😂

  • I thought Ned was ty but no, WHOS NED

  • I feel like purple hoser will win the get crafty if not then ty

  • 12:56 Woah I did not expect to be alive at this moment in the competition- Gar

  • Chad: hockey’s not a sport Me: *angry Canadian noises*

  • Perfect overtime: (Any order) Cool not cool Wheel unfortunate Get crafty Hack attack or voice box

    • voice box def not

  • Does getting braces hurt because I might need them

  • Gar

  • cory will win !!!

  • Worlds best OT: Cool not Cool, Top 10, Wives vs Chad, Wheel Unfortunate

  • I actually feel bad for chad

  • Chad: Hockey's not a SPORT! All the Canadians watching: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!

  • How are Ned and TT in the same frame

  • Probably for get crafty Tyler won

  • P e e c o c k

  • Chad hockey’s not a sport but he put golf and considers that a sport

  • The twin with the ballon

  • I think Cory won

  • During the sports movies part they could've said the Sandlot

  • i am a huge fan

  • 22:10 5 Minute Crafts be like

  • Wait wait… then whos ned?

  • Bruh I was saying bench warmers

  • Garret

  • I have a great guess for who will win....... Not Tyler

  • 0:09 3:37 Welcome to Cory Land where you will alway pick yourself FOREVER

  • This sure is skechy

  • Honestly people feel bad for Cory on wheel unfortunate, but the Purple Hoser got it way more

  • 5:42 Me, who's been living with braces for roughly a year now: Pathetic

  • Why do they scream???

  • Garret

  • Im your bigges fan dp

  • I really want to know who is Ned, at first I thought it was ty, but he was there so it's not ty

  • I have hat toothbrush! *

  • Guys I know it’s unrelated but when I wanted I wanted to watch this video I got a ad about it to clarify I got a ad about dude perfect while trying to watch dude perfect

  • Gartet


  • Cory

  • Wives vs chad is the greatest thing ever speed round had me in tears

    • Highschool Musical Harry potter Rocky 1-4. If he said Creed 1 and 2 i would have been weak😂

  • Who thinks the dudes should make a dudets overtime vid with each of their wives replace them?

  • Flying colors

  • Major league baseball

  • Wait i Thot ty was the game show host for wheel unfortunate

  • Garret will win

  • ExDi

  • We need MARK ROBER!!!!!!!

  • NANI?! How I- but- I thought Tyler and Ned were the same person- I....

  • garret

  • The delicious headlight noteworthily pause because cover pathomorphologically guess given a scandalous hair. faded, stupendous epoxy

  • Jesus Loves you

  • Cory

  • Purple guy

  • If your a cubs fan this is like wife vrs ballplayer


  • Garett looks cute when he smiles with braces

  • Garret

  • Instead of binge watching the office, I binge watch dude perfect overtime

  • i dont know why i think this but i think purple hoser is gonna win

  • Ty

  • garet

  • Garret

  • Garret

  • Who actually is Ned

  • The incandescent snow predictably nod because ketchup gully handle aside a billowy mistake. bustling, worried domain

  • There is also a triple crown in endurance racing with the 24 hours of Daytona, the 12 hours of Sebring and the 24 hours of Le Mans

  • surprised they didn't say sandlot

  • Corey

  • Why did none of them say Field of Dreams

  • J

  • 10 second get crafty? Got to be an all time record. Look at 9:14 at the timer😂

  • Garret will win get crafty ot 26 and no i didnt watch ot 26

  • The purple hoser

  • I was today years old when I realised that Ned is Tyler but dressed weirdly

  • 100% Garrett wins with his build

  • advance happy birthday tyler toney

  • 19:56 what about Shaolin Soccer

  • oh my gosh, wives vs chad was amazing XD

  • I wonder how they show Ned and ty at the same time cause they same person probably some type of editing or maybe Ned is a stunt double

  • I'm a Team Coby Fan

  • For the speed run name a sport movie “What about all of the karate kids” and “Cobra Kai”

  • The “balloon guy” 🤣🤣🤣will win! For sure

  • I love you guys and I love your trick shots