Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots

Birt 3 ágú 2020
Ping Pong trick shots are even more fun on a real ping pong table!
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  • 1:30 listen to what cobie says

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  • Can u have a puestion How many time did you replay the action

  • Part 2 pls❤️

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  • its awesome and all but they kinda overreact when they hit the target. eventhough adam can do it without breaking a sweat.

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  • cory is kind of insane at ping pong tho

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  • The first trickshot in the video was fuego🔥

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  • The way he hits the ball is so makes him do some sick poses tho

  • Adam is my friends friend

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  • did anyone else think the ping pong ball went through the tape off the first bounce then again once he hit it throw the tape.

  • 5:19 Cory: Perfects shot Ty: *_okay my torn_*

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  • I saw a dude perfect add before I saw this video

  • Dude perfect episode 295738248 where they just get a professional to do it all for them

  • I’ve seen the first trick shot before that you did and you did it well not the way I expected but I’ve seen it like I said so it wasn’t as impressive if you know who that’s amazing is go watch them you’re better than you

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  • Who also realized that Garrett said the words "That was insane!"

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  • 5:58 2 *i know its outdated but its just fun lol*

  • 6:18 balls of fury

  • I just want to see this guy play table tennis. That return shot was beautiful

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  • They stole this from 2 to 4 for school

  • pongfinity would be proud.

  • If you whatch it in slow motion you can see the ball under the cup moving

  • It's not impossible if I literally is just watching someone do it though :(

  • Awesome video 🔥👏🏼

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  • there was a ball under every cup

  • Just wow

  • I call the floating table trick shot "Fling pong"

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